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If you’ve wanted to invest in a pergola but don’t know what style, size, or material will suit your home best, we’ll gladly take any inquiry and answer those questions for you. We’ll also help you find the best structure that will fit your budget.

San Jose, California

The Capital of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, boasts a Mediterrenian climate, stunning beaches, and scenic views. We get clear and pleasant weather almost all year round. As one of the best places to bask in the sun and enjoy the outdoors, San Jose is truly a wonderful place to live.

Getting a pergola installed will allow you to enhance your backyard while having a nice spot to lounge outside your home. It will also provide a nice entertainment area for friends and guests on special occasions.

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What Are Pergolas?

A pergola is a structure consisting of vertical posts or pillars with cross beams or lattices over the top for use when training vines. You can choose to have your pergolas connected to your home or left freestanding. This outdoor feature is typically found in backyards or gardens to add beauty and functionality. Depending on the structure and design, it can provide shade from the sun and protection from other elements.

Residential Pergolas

There’s nothing like enjoying a warm cozy afternoon outdoors — feeling the fresh breeze and seeing a stunning view. Nature is simply incomparable. However, as the sun can be unbearable at times, we can install a pergola at your home so you won’t have to deal with intense sunshine. You can opt to have your pergolas made from aluminum, wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.


Aluminum is very versatile. It allows you to achieve an assortment of styles and sizes. Although it might cost you more up-front, it will save you more money in the long run because of fewer maintenance costs than wood. Aluminum also has a long life span because of its durability, making it a great investment. For an upgraded pergola, you can even add custom trim and accents, motorized screens for pest protection, as well as lighting, heating, and ventilation.

Pros: extremely durable, versatile

Cons: expensive, more intensive installation


Wood is the most common material used for pergolas and comes with many advantages over the other choices. Wood is very customizable — you can paint it, varnish it, stain it, or allow it to weather naturally if you desire. The organic look and feel of wood also makes it a great option for rustic as well as modern style homes. Wood also complements plants and flowers beautifully.

Wood allows you to connect your pergola to your home as well. It’s very durable, but it does require some maintenance like repainting, staining, or sealing.

Pros: customizable, suitable for different styles, strong

Cons: longer installation, needs regular maintenance


If you want to achieve a clean, crisp, and formal-looking pergola, vinyl is the most appropriate material. Vinyl is also very easy to maintain and requires minimal cleaning. However, it is not the most durable. Today, vinyl pergolas can be applied with sun-protective additives to make them last longer.

It’s lightweight and can not carry a significant amount of weight. Vinyl pergolas usually come in kits, so the designs and sizes are already pre-set, leaving little to no room for customization — but it makes the installation process much easier and quicker.

Pros: easy to install, lightweight, least expensive

Cons: not the strongest material, not suitable for rustic style, less customizable because of predetermined sizes and designs


Fiberglass is very low maintenance. It’s naturally corrosion resistant and nonporous, so it won’t rust, corrode, warp, rot, or absorb moisture, making it a reliable material. Though it may experience some cracking, it’s one of the strongest materials out there.

It’s lighter than wood, can last you a very long time, and will fit right into contemporary style homes. Fiberglass is also available in any color, so the design options with it are endless.

Pros: needs little maintenance, long lasting, comes in a wide array of colors

Cons: cannot be attached to your home, less customizable because of predetermined sizes and designs

Give us a call to discuss with our experts which pergola material will best meet your design and utility needs. We’ll reach back as soon as we can.

Commercial Pergolas

Pergolas are not only good for homes, their functionality extends to businesses as well. If you have a restaurant with outdoor seating, a building in need of a shaded walkway, or a spa looking for a lounge area, a pergola is the way to go. It offers your customers some shade and adds to the overall aesthetic of your business. Make your establishment Instagram worthy with our lovely pergolas and have customers flocking right away.

Message us to know more about how pergolas can elevate your business. Our San Jose pergola company only offers the highest quality pergolas paired with the most experienced designers, engineers, and craftsmen, to deliver the best service for your beloved business.

Pergola Kits

Want to do it yourself? Pergola kits are just the right thing for you. Choose or customize your pergola, and we’ll ship it right to your home. We’ll help you find the right size, design, and style that will fit your residence the best. Our pergola kits come with clear, simple, and foolproof instructions you’ll have no trouble with. These kits have pre-drilled holes for easy assembly. We can supply you the materials needed to create your dream backyard oasis.

We recommend you only use these kits if you are skilled and know what you are doing. After all, safety first. If assembling a pergola kit is too overwhelming or if you just don’t have the time to do it, our San Jose pergola company has the most skilled craftsmen you can trust to build your pergola for you.

Why Pergolas?

Aside from being a beautiful addition to your home, pergolas also provide the utmost functionality.

Adds Some Privacy

Pergolas can be filled in the sides with some latticeworks or draped with curtains if you like some privacy. Screens can also be an option for you, as well as climbing plants.

Provides Shade

The structure of your pergola will depend greatly on how much shade you want to achieve. The size and spacing of the beams will contribute to the amount of light that will go through. So if you want to stay outdoors but out of the sun, a pergola will work tremendously for you.

Great Decorative Value

There’s no denying that pergolas are very beautiful. It gives your yard a personality and defines your space. Designs can be simple, modern, rustic, ornate, or whatever you desire. You can also choose what material we use to make your pergola so that you can complement your home or establishment well.

Wonderful for Plants

If you’re an avid gardener, a pergola is a wonderful addition to your landscape. A pergola’s framework offers great support for vines and climbing flowers such as peas, rose bushes, wisterias, and more. You can also hang potted plants for a garden in the air.

Extension of Living Space

With the versatility of pergolas, you can turn it into many things such as an entertainment area, reading lounge, dining space, and a whole lot more. You can put your own style into it by using decorations that show your personality.

Patio Covers

A patio is a wonderful asset to any home. It allows you to spend quality time with your family or friends while doing fun activities right at the comfort of your own home. Given San Jose, California’s weather, homes in the city can experience hot days. If you want to get some shade from the elements, our patio covers will do that for you.

Commercial patio covers are great for resorts, outdoor seating, alfresco lounges, pools, and so much more.

Give our patio cover company a message, and our team will help you create the patio you’re envisioning.


Awnings are both decorative and useful. They provide some shade and offer protection from rain, snow, debris, and the sun. Whether for your home or for your business, we’ve got you covered. Our awning company does all sorts of awnings for your patio, storefront, window, door, and more.

We offer a large assortment of colors and textures, and we only use the best materials so your awnings stay with you through the years. Whether you want it mounted horizontally or vertically, we’ll help you every step of the process. From production, installation, and repair, we guarantee you’ll get the most out of your money.

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